Katerina Mistal

Ongoing project 2009 -

Mapping EUrope



2011 Åland Art Museum

2012 PhotoIreland Festival

2012 Month of Photography Bratislava /Award - 2nd place in Best Portfolio/








TEXT Joanna Sandell, 2011











Gibraltar, Great Britain

ibraltar, Great Britain

Lampedusa, Italy

Chania, Crete, Greece

Silema, Malta

Larnaca, Cyprus

Porto Vecchio, Corsica, France

Nida, Lithuania

Ceuta, Spain

Thessaloniki, Greece

Lido di Venezia, Italy

Przemysl, Poland

Larnaca II , Cyprus

Catania, Sicily, Italy

Oulu, Finland

Märket, Åland/Finland

Portal Nous, Calvià, Mallorca, Spain

About Mapping EUrope

Photo series "Mapping Europe" examines the landscape and the continent as a symbol of the country and cultural identity. I am interested in how migration and transnational lives today impact on identity and our relationship to the Europes geography. My interest in borders and in the different kinds of limits brought me to visit border landscapes and viewpoints in-between countries in Europe. After exploring this approach over a period of years, I started a portrait series with the children who have some kind of connection to the place or are living in the same area.

For some years I have photographed the outermost coastlines of the European continent. With the help of children attending the local Primary schools who stand along the coastline, we represent the end of the continent and of the country. The idea is to draw attention to a limit which may otherwise not be detected without referring to a map. I am interested in various enclaves and islands that are sometimes fairly remote in relation to the established representation of the map. Only by mooving a few feets up the perspective changes. The smaller size of the map the less details and several islands fall away.


A contraction and background to the project. 

In recent years I have worked on similar projects in Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Cyprus, France, Malta, Greece, Spain, Italy and most recently in Gibraltar. During this year I have worked on research in various places in southern Europe to implement similar actions. Right now I focus on European countries adjoining the Mediterranean sea. My idea is to make a photography project about the European countries related to the geography of the continent.

Gibraltar, Great Britain, 2012
Ceuta, Spain, 2010
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